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I haven't written much lately, and those songs I did write were a bit varied in quality or were quite narrow in their topics. But here is an English translation of a Swedish folk song and jazz standard: Visa från Utanmyra (notation), with modern lyrics by Björn Lindroth, written in 1963 and most famously recorded by Monica Zetterlund (Youtube).

Content warning: the song is about rape and rape culture.

Only one time I saw that man )

Right now my translation has focused on faithfulness to the original, and I'd be happy to receive comments, both on singability and the appropriateness of some of the lyrics.

The tune itself is known from the 18th century, as Olof von Dalin wrote a set of lyrics to the tune then. That one is wholly unrelated to Lindroth's text.
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The marvellous Moss Bliss presented my "A Flower and a Hufflepuff" at the recent GAFilk, and it was recorded!

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För några månader sedan visade [personal profile] thette mig ett tumblr-inlägg kring Oden och Loke. Jag tyckte att dikten där saknade den äkta norröna knarrigheten, så jag skrev ett alternativ på ljodahattr.

Solen sken
skönt gyllene
dagen Tor föddes
På trottoaren
vid Taco Bell
där låg Loke

Nu har den lilla versen blivit översatt till engelska och isländska, blivit ristad i trä som runor, finns att köpa i illumination via Etsy och har närmare 300.000 interaktioner på Tumblr.

Men den första versen ledde till idén med att tolka Asarna i det moderna nattlivet, så nu har jag skrivit några till:

Vid Bifrosts bro
bor Heimdall
Gör Gjallarhornet redo
Hör gräset gro
Genom väggen
Tar gröna hissen

Iduns äpplen
Ökar i värde
Utav hennes omsorg
Om styrka och smak
Ser Asarna an:
Nu jäser det

Odens öga
Är i Mimers brunn:
Ser allt som sker
För vishet pant
Till Vaners gisslan
Då ser han dubbelt

Till Tryms gille
For Tor med Loke
Som bister brud och tärna
Fort och fast
Han fattade Mjölner
Och hammarn i huvet
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In order to describe different fandoms easily and succinctly, I propose the following terminology:

My fandom is passionate
Your fandom is enthusiastic
Their fandom is strident

My fandom is caring
Your fandom is supporting
Their fandom is toxic

My fandom is quirky
Your fandom is weird
Their fandom is freaky

My fandom is transformative
Your fandom use tropes
Their fandom does copyright piracy

My fandom is refined
Your fandom is small
Their fandom doesn't matter

My fandom is inclusive
Your fandom is large
Their fandom has sold out

My fandom is innovative
Your fandom is new
Their fandom is just a flash in the pan

My fandom has traditions
Your fandom is old
Their fandom is passé
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Back when EPH was discussed for reworking the way Hugo nominations would work, I wrote Grokking E Pluribus Hugo. Back then, a meme ran around that it was better to nominate fewer works in one category in order to not dilute your voting power as a nominator, and it seems to still be running around among some people as they talk about their eligible works.

That is an incorrect assumption. As a voter and nominator for the Hugos, it is in your best interest to nominate as many works as you find worthy as you can.

I will illustrate it using two cases. The first is that if every single nominator in a Hugo category nominates only a single work, EPH will default back to a simple first past the post selection with six finalists—exactly the system that we had before EPH, but with much less input!

The second is more complex. Assume that an author has published two eligible works in a category: A and B. There are 500 people who are fans of the author and likes all they have written, but half of them like A a little better and half like B a little better. They would be happy if either turned up on the ballot, and really happy if both turned up. There are also 100 people who really like A but didn't care for B for some reason, or didn't get around to reading it yet.

We also assume that all other works on the ballots of these 600 people have been eliminated, or they only voted for the specific author. (Huge simplification, I know.)

Under the meme that one should not dilute the nomination, everyone of these 500 people who liked A and B will nominate either A or B, and we split it in half. Then A gets 350 nominators and 350 points, while B gets 250 nominator and 250 points. But if the 500 nominated both, then A gets 600 nominators and 350 points (500 / 2 + 100), while B gets 500 nominations and 250 points. And if B gets eliminated, then A has 600 nominators and 600 points.

Now, the points are used to select candidates for elimination, but the actual decision on which work is eliminated is done by the raw number of nominators. Looked at it that way, both A and B stand a much higher chance of not being eliminated if selected as a candidate for elimination, and if B is eliminated then A stands a much higher chance of becoming a finalist.

The general advice regarding Hugo nominations is thus: nominate all the worthy works that you would like to see on the final ballot!
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[personal profile] thette has been much more into TV series than books for a while now, and one of her favourites lately has been Legends of Tomorrow, which she appreciates partly through its sheer campiness. Then she showed me the ending of the season 3 finale with Beebo, leading to no less than three songs about that cuddly giant bear.

Beebo cuddles )

That song didn't quite capture the sheer camp and silliness of the scene, so I wrote another one.

En vänlig nalles blåa fot )

But thette and I had recently talked about "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, which led to yet another one, more closely based on the Swedish parody "Brolin" by Spirella Girls (Youtube), about a woman whose husband ends up following the then football world championships rather than caring about her.

Beebo )
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Back in the 80s in Sweden, local music was lousy with earworms. One of middling ones was "Vi vill ha mera" (Youtube) by Kenneth and the Knutters.

Then [personal profile] kate_nepveu mentioned the catchphrase "higher further faster" for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, and how it left out the concluding "more". And the phrase and the song smashed together in my head.

You can find people )

(In filk parlance, this can be viewed as a follower to "We Want Rey" by The PDX Broadsides.)
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I've got quite the backlog of filk songs written this year that I haven't posted (I'm sadly behind on a lot of fannish stuff). This is another example of what can be called a double-parody: Swedish comedy group Galenskaparna did a skit and a song based on Amsterdam by Jacques Brel, called "Under en filt i Madrid" (Youtube). Swedish acafan Jerry Määttä had posted a photo of himself on a roof in Marseilles, with the subtitle "Orakad och höjdrädd på ett tak i Marseilles". All that meshed together with Swedish fan history into this new filk.

Uppå ett tak i Marseilles… )
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On November 19th 1915, Joe Hill was murdered by the State of Utah for the crime of filking.

This year’s Joe Hill filk tribute showcases not a song by him, but a song about him: “I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night” (YouTube). It tells how a man is murdered but his ideals and example becomes much more powerful because of that. By being murdered, Joe Hill became the man that never died.

Earlier this year, I read up a bit of fridging, and the two patterns felt like they sort of complemented each other. And there are arguably two cases of fridging that are famous and can be said to encompass much of its spectrum. The first is Gwen Stacy. The second is Barbara Gordon.

But Barbara Gordon is the woman who walked out of the fridge… )

I dreamed last night of Oracle… )

There are lots of great versions of the original song. My favourite is the driving anger of Luke Kelly's version, but this one needed a woman's voice, thus Joan Baez's take on it.

My previously posted Joe Hill filks: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
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I haven't been posting many new filks lately. Partly because they've been one-offs, partly because I'm holding their publication because of $REASONS. However, this year's TAFF delegate was my friend Johan Anglemark, and he described assisting previous year's TAFF delegate John Purcell busking for TAFF at Armadillocon. It melded with what has become my favourite old Swedish filk song, "Brev ifrån Andersson", that describes an old trufan assisting a neo to get started in fandom and publish their first fanzine. It is to the tune of "Rosa på bal" by Evert Taube (Youtube).

Think doing fanac with John Purcell )
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Back at Finncon, I managed to secure two copies of the Finnish fannish songbook Scifistin malja, roughly "Science fiction toast". It was first published in 2003, and included songs that were sung at dinner parties organised by Tutka, the science fiction and fantasy club of Turku University. These dinner parties ("sittning" in Swedish and "sitsit" in Finnish) are a staple of Swedish and Finnish student life, where eating is combined with frequent singalongs and toasts.

Continue )

I will send over one of the copies, together with some other filk-related material from Sweden, to Interfilk for auctioning when I get back from traveling.
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My family picks up new fandoms, and sometimes OTPs, with some regularity. Sometimes, these cause me to filk, despite not being into those fandoms at all (see: Peggy Carter, Huldas ponnyvisa (My Little Pony), Wayward Daughters). The most recent one was the Barry Allen-Leonard Snart OTP from Flash, which led to this, ttto "Greased Lightning".

Freezed Lightning )

Note: this was written in less than fifteen minutes, and could surely need some adjusting runs.
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For a very long while, I have tried to write a proper filk about the redshirt. I first had my eyes on Evert Taube's "Balladen om briggen 'Blue Bird' av Hull" in the Star Trek environment, but never could get a suitable scenario.

Then, a few days ago, the fate of Cedric Diggory and Dan Andersson's masterpiece "En spelmans jordafärd" (Youtube, and an English translation) met each other, and this was the result.

As the evening sun is shining on the tower of Ravenclaw )

There are some passages that could need future polishing and are slightly tricky to sing, but I think I've hit diminishing returns right now.

ETA: I found the notation for Dan Andersson's melody at a local library, and have fixed most of the scansion issues now.
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The latest issue of my Swedish-language fanzine "I stället för papper" contained an article and discography about Swedish sf fan, publisher, author, translator et c Sam J. Lundwall. I think some of you filkers would appreciate it too, so here's a translation to English.

Sam J. Lundwall, Music, and Science Fiction )

Song presentations )

Discography )

Holy Aura

Dec. 14th, 2017 12:13 pm
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I found out that I had written another filk song based on Princess Holy Aura, which I had managed to forget. This one is to the classic Swedish Christmas song Lusse Lelle (Youtube).

Holy Aura, Holy Aura )

While traditionally connected to the Swedish Lucia tradition, the original song pre-dates the connection of Saint Lucy with the Swedish tradition of lussinatta (Lussi Night), and instead connects with the tradition of youngsters visiting farms to ask for food and drink on 13 December.
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I wrote this one over two years ago, but Princess Holy Aura, the book it's based on wasn't published until last Tuesday. The song really should have several more verses if it is to cover all the main characters (despite Cecilia Eng's advice on songwriting), but I only got around to write the first three.

Will that is eternal… )
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On November 19th 1915, Joe Hill was murdered by the State of Utah for the crime of filking.

While listening through a few more of Joe Hill's songs and trying to decide on this year's Joe Hill filk, I decided to read a bit on the history of Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay, and promptly fell down a rabbit hole of high-class St. Louis bordellos, early ragtime music, and minstrel shows. Given the continuing discussion about appropriation and racism within science fiction my choice became simple: just write the history of the song, but there was no way to include it all.

A smart and stylish song is due… )

My previously posted Joe Hill filks: 2014, 2015, 2016.
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A friend of mine fought for a long time with the new university printer system, and told of his woes of Facebook. Given my sometime experiences as a sysadmin myself, I immediately latched onto the CUPS system, resulting in "The Printer Spool", ttto Auld Lang Syne. It later turned out the issue wasn't CUPS- or driver-related, but rather about documentation.

Should printing servers be forgot )


Oct. 21st, 2017 10:42 am
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Another quick new Swedish filk, but one that isn't only an instafilk. It's based on Främling (YouTube), the #1 Swedish hit during the 80's. The LP sold more than one million copies, and is still the best-selling album ever in Sweden. As comparison, for platinum a record needs to sell 40,000 copies here.

Alien, hur kommer du till mig… )

ETA: Made a change for better scansion
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I've been bad about posting my filks here lately, most have been put on Facebook, if that, but this one deserves a more permanent place. NASA recently discovered the asteroid 2016 HO3 that is in a stable loop around the earth for a couple of centuries. In effect, a second tiny moon, though NASA calls it a quasi-satellite. It's not even a hundred meters in size.

It's to the tune of Ted and Kenneth Gärdestad's song Jag vill ha en egen måne ("I want a moon of my own", YouTube), that I have filked once before, as Det där är då ingen måne.

Du har då alltid trott att Jorden )





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