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Not sure how it happened, but Mad Max: Fury Road and Take Me Home, Country Roads mashed themselves together in my head, leading to this.

Almost heaven, The Green Place
Many Mothers, my sister Valkyrie
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowin' like the breeze

Fury Road, take me home
To the place I belong
The Green Place, vuvalini
Take me home, Fury Road

All my memories gathered 'round her
Keeper of Seeds, stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
The tracks of old machines, teardrops in my eye

Fury Road, take me home...

I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me
We are not things at my home far away
And driving down the road I get a feeling
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

Fury Road, take me home...

Note that the scansion is a little bit different in that "The Green Place" will have an extra-long "Place" to make it fit to "West Virginia". "Painted in the sky / the tracks of old machines" refers back to the scene where they watch the sky, talking about satellites.
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