Aug. 11th, 2015

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Written for Lars-Olov Strandberg, the Grand Old Man of Swedish fandom, the only Swede to ever has been Guest of Honour at a Worldcon, and the rock on which Swedish fandom has rested since its start in the mid-50s, on the occasion when he has finally stepped down from his last organised commitments in Swedish fandom.

Based on Gustafs skål by Carl Michael Bellman.

||: Strandbergs skål!
Till främste fan som Norden äger:
Aldrig snål,
Han byggde fandoms läger. :||
||: God och glad,
Han fejdens röst föraktar;
Han betraktar
Och beaktar
Fandoms alla blad :||

||: Sådan fan
Är värd att gästa världskongressen
Alltid sann,
I fanac städse bjässen :||
||: Lars-Olov
Har aldrig svikit fandom;
Av sin visdom
Gav han lärdom
Efter vårt behov :||

Notes and text.
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This year's Swecon was held at Frimurarhotellet in Linköping on 7-9 August, and was a very successful and well-run convention, even by the standards of the ConFuses. It also continued several trends that have been apparent in the Swecons since Eurocon 2011.

The Con Report )

The journey home went without trouble. All in all, Confuse 2015 was an excellent con, and if Swedish fandom doesn't seem enthusiastic about it, it only shows how their expectations has changed during the last five years.