Sep. 26th, 2015

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A History of Swedish Filk

My own and very subjective description of filk's history in Sweden. One thing to remember here: Swedish fandom is small. The "hard set" of fans, defined as those who publish or regularly contribute to fanzines, run cons, or regularly contribute to fanac in other ways, has probably never been more than 200 people; often considerably less. It is also geographically spread-out.

Another is that this research in its early stages. I still have not done any proper interviewing or research into old fanzines - I have been limited by my own (rather small and limited) fanzine collection and the material that have been digitised as part of earlier fan historical projects within Swedish fandom. Part of writing now is the old Usenet principle that the fastest way to get a correct answer is to send out the wrong answer.

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