Date: 2017-05-13 07:03 am (UTC)
thnidu: Tom Baker's Dr. Who, as an anthropomorphic hamster, in front of the Tardis. ©C.T.D'Alessio (Dr. Whomster)
From: [personal profile] thnidu
Another "Thank you!" here, plus comments on a couple of (infrequent) dysfluencies in your generally excellent non-native English.

I assume that you've translated Eric Bye's introduction to the original recording from Norwegian. In that:
• Here rest Anna Lovinda,
-> Here rests...
> or better, in the idiom commonly used on gravestones:
-> Here lies...

• She was the widow after Captain Ebenezer Hunt
-> the widow of

• several items of similarity
-> several points of similarity
> Again, this is the expression almost always used.

• very much parallell
-> parallel
> As *you* parallel millions of English-speakers, thrown off by the double L in the middle and single L at the end after (what we call) a short vowel. :-)

• much more free to the original, even considering that "Mary O'Meara" is in English and the song is moved out to space.
-> It's pretty clear that you mean "more true to the original" or "more faithful…". "Free", referring to a translation, signifies difference from the original, not necessarily incorrect, but further from literal accuracy.

Wow. Very impressive research and analysis. Yet again, tack

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