Date: 2018-01-01 11:19 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kjn
Thanks for the corrections; I did the translation in basically only a single pass and not too carefully.

It's fannishly correct to spell complete compleat, at least in my circles.

The thing about calling something filk is that definitions and traditions change. Up until 1980 the music that Swedish sf fans did was called "futuristic songs" or "fannish songs", but the filk that was made in the 1980s still grew out of the earlier fannish music, some of the people doing it earlier just carried on, and so on.

So from an American concurrent viewpoint, Lundwall's songs might not be viewed as filk. But from a Swedish viewpoint, it seems silly to not view songs like "Födelsedagsfesten" or "Möte i rymden" as filk, because they both sprung out of our fannish milieu and are valued in various parts of it. The tradition simply got its name afterwards.

Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish fandom each have their nicknames: Sverifandom, Fanmark, Norfandom (Norifandom), and Finndom (though I've never seen "Norfandom" used in the wild). So Fanmarkshistorien is simply the history of Danish fandom.
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