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Went to the open mic at Nyfiket tonight again, this time armed with my new Zoom H1. I set it up on the extra mic stand, and recorded the sets, more or less having guesstimated the proper sound level beforehand. When I got there one of the people who helped me set things up last time immediately asked me if I intended to perform this time too, so I felt welcome at once. Another guy who I had spoken to last time also recognised me and asked if I were to sing.

I did four songs in two sets: "Känslans partisan", "Acts of Creation", then a pause if another performer intended to turn up (none did), followed by a second set with "Child of the Library", and "Pappersframmatningen är trasig".

Recording on the Zoom worked very well. Set it up in an extra mic stand adjacent to the PA mic, and hit the button when you being and end the set. I just listened through the recordings in Garageband, and I can tell that:

  1. There's a definite quality difference to the better in my voice when I perform standing up, in public, and with no regard for neighbours, to my earlier home recordings, usually made sitting down and in the apartment. No surprise there, but nice to have it confirmed
  2. I really need to make sure I've sung through the songs beforehand several times before I do them in public unless I want to do minor or major flubs, and this goes double for songs in English

Some of the staff were curious about the background for "Pappersframmatningen är trasig", so we spoke a bit about fanzine culture and history. Overall, a nice evening.
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