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Late last year I decided to get over to Quoi de Neuf, the 29th annual British Filk Convention. It was my only decent chance to get to a filk con in 2017, and also fit with some not-booked days at university. Having decided this and notified the concom that I was coming, I set out to investigate how to get there.

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Overall, I very much liked the con and am very happy I went, despite the hassles and extra costs.
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Like most days on this trip, I woke well before the alarm clock. I had intended to breakfast at Camellia grill at 7, return to the hotel to pack the last things, and then check out and walk to the Union Passenger Terminal in New Orleans to get on the 9:30 Megabus to Atlanta and GAFilk.

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We had spent Sunday evening doing some basic planning for the stay and resting after the Social revelries. Monday morning we woke up reasonably early, at half eight. After I had turned in our laundry at Suds dem Duds we went in search of breakfast. After some walking, we found the Camellia Grill, which turned out to be a great place, and where we had our breakfasts for the rest of the stay here.

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The plan was simple. Visit the New Year's Eve Darkfriend Social in New Orleans, meeting several of our American friends. We would have one and a half days of touristing in New Orleans before the actual social started on the afternoon of 30 December, and a further two days afterwards. Then Therese would fly home, and I would head to Atlanta for GAFilk, and fly back after that.

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