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I sat down with another go at The Kencyrath Tune, and finished another lyrics triplet. I also decided to change the title to "The Dream-Weaver's Song".

To the tune of Hårgalåten and based on the Kencyrath series by P.C. Hodgell ([livejournal.com profile] tagmeth).

Gerridon a man of pride was he
Three people in his hand he held by birth and might
Wealth and power and he had knowledge
That was deeper than the Sea of Stars

So Jamethiel dances faithful
Weaves the souls of the people in
Darkness enters, ancient hateful
Reaping the souls of the three kin

Rise up, said Arrin-ken to Glendar
Your brother has forfeited all and all is lost
Abandon all the things you value
Flee man, flee, and we will follow you.

To Tai-tastigon she came one night
Three things she carried as she came on Autumn's Eve
Book in leather, sword in pieces, ring
Still remaining on her father's hand

In the House of the Luck-Bringers
Dance the Senetha for the crowd
Darkness follows, shadows linger
Dance, feed on us, and give us food

Oh, where did you veiled dancer come from
Who taught you dancing that makes us forget the world?
Hunger lies naked on every face
Until sound faded she was alone

A while ago, I noted the similarities between the opening legend about Gerridon and Jamethiel and the Swedish Hårga legend, where the devil starts to play and makes all the youth of Hårga dance until they die. One of the most famous Swedish hambo tunes is associated with Hårga and the legend.

The traditional tune of Hårgalåten (sometimes also spelled Horgalåten) has several sets of lyrics associated with it, but the most famous one was written by Lennart Hellsing. There are lots of Youtubes of this one, e.g.: Elina (including a basic English translation in the description); Åsa Jinder (instrumental jazz); Kebnekajse (progressive rock).
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