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Well, not anymore, but the Swedish Church Law of 1686 included the following statute:

Ingen Brudeskara må komma til Kyrckian, med Trummor, skiutande, och hwariehanda otienligit Buller; Skeer thet, tå skola sådane plichta efter Stadgan.

Basically, "no bridal group may come to the church with drums, shooting, and miscellanous unhealthy noise. If you do, you will get fined." I couldn't resist trying to set this peculiar piece of history to "Banned from Argo".

The Church of Sweden got its law in sixteen eighty-six,
of funerals, the eucharist, and all life's little tricks,
the church should sing, all is nice, except the rule that comes:
no bridal group may come to church with drums or shooting guns

The drums are banned in Sweden everywhere
Banned in Sweden, just for making a little scare
Some drummers fled to Norway to drum just as before
But Sweden doesn't want drums anymore

A village drum was proper for calling folk to church,
or signalling the end of day, struck with a stick of birch
but if the drum made music or you danc'd you would be fin'd,
musicians turn'd to flute and fiddle, bagpipes if inclin'd

The drums are banned in Sweden everywhere…

Down in southern Sweden, Putter Rudebeck he claim'd,
the local girls were really martial and very fam'd,
they inherited an equal share of their parent's things,
and got to dance to the beat of drums wearing wedding rings

The drums are banned in Sweden everywhere…
Except in Småland.

ETA: switched out line 2.2 from "or calling day was at end from the headman on his perch" to "or signalling the end of day, struck with a stick of birch"
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