Holy Aura

Dec. 14th, 2017 12:13 pm
kjn: (Default)
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I found out that I had written another filk song based on Princess Holy Aura, which I had managed to forget. This one is to the classic Swedish Christmas song Lusse Lelle (Youtube).

||: Holy Aura, Holy Aura
Cthulhu on the way :||
||: Expect a scary solstice
with Stephen in the way :||
||: Apocalypse Maidens
four at school can be had :||
||: Now be an exchange student
with Varatraine as dad :||

While traditionally connected to the Swedish Lucia tradition, the original song pre-dates the connection of Saint Lucy with the Swedish tradition of lussinatta (Lussi Night), and instead connects with the tradition of youngsters visiting farms to ask for food and drink on 13 December.
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