Date: 2017-12-31 11:24 pm (UTC)
thnidu: a dandelion plant, the symbol of filk (filk)
From: [personal profile] thnidu
Sounds like quite a guy!

«The question if a song is filk or not can be complex, since filk is not defined so much by its content or form as by the context in which it is written and performed. The form and content matters, but is to me secondary to the relation that the writer has to filk and science fiction fandom, and if the song is performed in fannish circles. It is irrelevant if the song is an original or a parody song. Lundwall is without a doubt a part of the musical tradition of Swedish fandom, even if it did not receive the label filk until sometime circa 1980.»

We've been having that debate over here too. The community, or much of it, seems to have settled on two things:
• Best not to call it filk unless the author identifies as a filker.
• And if they don't, we can call it "found filk".

• compleat
→ complete
> "compleat" is an archaic spelling used in some book titles, etc. (BTW, no spaces in "etc." in English.)
Merriam-Webster Online describes it as
«archaic variant of complete in The Compleat Angler (1653) by Izaak Walton»
— a classic book which is still famous. The site asks "What made you want to look this word up?" I answered:
«A Swedish e-friend whose English is generally excellent used it in a context that seemed wrong to me because it wasn't a title and was used predicatively rather than attributively: "My research is in no way compleat, but I have managed to find..."»

• text- och notation
→ and
> a funny cross-language slip

• opitimism
→ optimism

• The små munkar
→ Tre
> an even funnier cross-language slip, bc it's from your native language into the target language
> Not that I know Swedish, but I know enough to know that "the" looks really wrong for it. Google Translate is my friend (but see below*).

• the alcoholist Arvid
→ alcoholic
> Besides the obvious (-ic) adjectival use, this is a noun meaning an addict to alcoholic beverages

• the died in the queue to the liquour
→ he
→ liquor

• pretty tortured long wovels
→ vowels

• existance
→ existence
> You're not alone here. Plenty of native English-speakers have trouble keeping track of -ance, -ant vs. -ence, -ent.

• Fanmarkshistorien
> Wow! Fanmark = "fandom", the land of fans, är inte det?

100 svenska visor
→ * Nothing wrong here, but Google Translate made it into "100 Swedish visors"! I went through their correction process and fixed it; the meaning was already obvious from previous uses of "visor" in titles you cited.
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