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Most of my Bellman parodies have been about fandom itself (his songs are eminently suited to that purpose), but his "Fredmans epistel n:o 2: Till Fader Berg, rörande Fiolen" (usually referred to by its opening line "Nå skruva fiolen") fits extremely well to Mo and her violin in the Laundry Files by [livejournal.com profile] autopope.

There are lots of different Youtubes on this one, in wildly varying styles. The melody suits itself very well to a dramatic performance, even more than is usual for Bellman.

Note that this song contains some spoilers for some background twists in The Annihilation Score.

So screw up the Fiddle,
Come fiddler quick I say.
There are ghosts to flay!
Do not say us nay,
Agent Candid is to play, see.
Take up the violin,
Pick up the Bow to shake;
Ev'ry stroke you make,
Now a soul will take;
Don't let the fiddle hurt me.
Your fingers will bleed,
That is the fiddle's true key.
We follow Laundry's creed,
Sure you do agree.
- - Yes, quite proper,
Your play is stopper
That Case Nightmare Green will need.

Alone in the Laundry,
The fiddle you can steer;
Keep the fiddle near,
It is your career,
Your job as Agent Candid.
This Machine kills Demons,
But is a Demon King.
Ev'ry soul you bring,
When the Fiddle sing,
Its might will make expanded;
Will open the way,
From where it was left stranded;
Mistress, you will obey,
As I demanded.
- - Now you're dreaming,
Your blood is steaming,
Longing for the Yellow King.

Notated version.