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I haven't been posting many new filks lately. Partly because they've been one-offs, partly because I'm holding their publication because of $REASONS. However, this year's TAFF delegate was my friend Johan Anglemark, and he described assisting previous year's TAFF delegate John Purcell busking for TAFF at Armadillocon. It melded with what has become my favourite old Swedish filk song, "Brev ifrån Andersson", that describes an old trufan assisting a neo to get started in fandom and publish their first fanzine. It is to the tune of "Rosa på bal" by Evert Taube (Youtube).

Think doing fanac with John Purcell,
Little me, little me, with John Purcell,
Think being together with such a
popular trufan!
See all the wonderful fanzines you’ve made,
Tell me how it’s being TAFF delegate?
Letters, Askance, and fanac to prep
Can I now follow your steps?

Sure you will do Johan Anglemark
Here is a bucket for you!
Showing the road on Jophan’s arc
Soon all the fanac you’ll do.
You are a trufan from Sweden’s shores,
O tallish Swede now taking your tours
Your tables of books of uncertain worth
Can bring us around the earth!

Think to inspire mister John Purcell,
Little me, inspire mister John Purcell,
Maybe you’ll teach me inspiring fen
With a nice stroke from your pen?
A fannish essay or a new song to sing
Or just perhaps a new bucket to bring?
When is it finished, mister Purcell tell
The journey you know so well?

Your journey Johan Anglemark
Soon reaches its level up,
At San Jose you’ll jump the shark
And drink from the fannish cup!
When you return as my fannish brother,
Pay it forward and find me another!
Sell your books at (the) best possible rate,
Now you’re the TAFF delegate!