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Back in the 80s in Sweden, local music was lousy with earworms. One of middling ones was "Vi vill ha mera" (Youtube) by Kenneth and the Knutters.

Then [personal profile] kate_nepveu mentioned the catchphrase "higher further faster" for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, and how it left out the concluding "more". And the phrase and the song smashed together in my head.

You can find people
who live all life
in a mundane way
(in a mundane way)

Fandom is calling
but they think
ev'rything is grey
(ev'rything is grey)

Boring old romance
it will just make us snore
Oh oh ooh
Wanna go flying
Hear the roar
(the roar)
We want more

More Captain Marvel
Higher further faster
Forever ever we want more
Heroines (heroines)
We want much more Captain Marvel

(chorus repeated ad nauseam)

(In filk parlance, this can be viewed as a follower to "We Want Rey" by The PDX Broadsides.)