Nov. 19th, 2018

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On November 19th 1915, Joe Hill was murdered by the State of Utah for the crime of filking.

This year’s Joe Hill filk tribute showcases not a song by him, but a song about him: “I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night” (YouTube). It tells how a man is murdered but his ideals and example becomes much more powerful because of that. By being murdered, Joe Hill became the man that never died.

Earlier this year, I read up a bit of fridging, and the two patterns felt like they sort of complemented each other. And there are arguably two cases of fridging that are famous and can be said to encompass much of its spectrum. The first is Gwen Stacy. The second is Barbara Gordon.

But Barbara Gordon is the woman who walked out of the fridge… )

I dreamed last night of Oracle… )

There are lots of great versions of the original song. My favourite is the driving anger of Luke Kelly's version, but this one needed a woman's voice, thus Joan Baez's take on it.

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