Jul. 2nd, 2017

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My wife has been a fan of Supernatural for several years now, and has been very excited by the noises of the Wayward Daughters spinoff.

With the strong themes of family, justice, and feminism that I get from her corner of Supernatural fandom, it meshed with Battle Cry of Freedom and also with "There Is Power in a Union" by Billy Bragg (YouTube). I've stolen liberally from both of them.

Wayward Daughters )

Note 1: Line 3.3 was originally "like our brothers gone before", referring to Sam and Dean. My wife asked me to change it.

Note 2: "There Is Power in a Union" by Billy Bragg is to the tune of "Battle Cry of Freedom", and should not be confused with "There Is Power in a Union" by Joe Hill, which was written in 1913 and to the tune of "There Is Power in the Blood", and which I've also filked as "There Is Power in a Fandom" (yes, I've had the idea to do a filk of Bragg's song for a while now).